Thursday, 11 February 2016

Day 570: Authority and Consequence – Part 4

Continuing from previous blog, Day 569: Authority and Consequence – Part 3
I mean, what do you really know about Money? Very little, except about how ‘money makes your feel’. Some even ‘hate’ Money, which is ludicrous because they’re existing with Money. They’re not existing without Money, they’re still buying shit, even if they ‘hate’ the money. That gives Money more Power over them.
Stupid to even consider that your Relationship with Money can be Directed by you, while you’re substantially not even Authoritative within yourself in any way whatsoever.
Within that, you’ll live Knowledge, which is your Understanding for something, That is really useless, because the Knowledge is just your Reflection of what you are Observing as your Pattern. You are not the Living Pattern.

The Living Pattern is Happening at a Level where you don’t even see you’re doing it. You’re covering it up through Knowledge, the Truth, which is why Self Honesty is Relevant. Because within Self Honesty you want to Establish, what is ‘You’ and what is ‘Knowledge’. Discard all Knowledge and Work with the Real Living Pattern that is You and correct that Living Pattern by establishing your Authority again.

The Knowledge is irrelevant because the Knowledge is just an excuse, it’s just a Way you’re justifying why the pattern exists. Understand the difference between ‘Living Words’ and ‘Words of Knowledge’. Words of Knowledge make you ‘sound clever’. We’re living in a world where everything consists of Reflections of the Truth, that means, they are Deceptions. It’s knowledge which is Deceiving. That’s why the World exists in a Pattern, where it believes itself to be ‘superior’, while the way the world lives, is a total fuck up.
But – the ‘Higher Knowledge’, makes everyone Blind to the fuck up of the System, that is present Here in which millions suffer. You see, because, Knowledge has been Deified.
But the Knowledge is not real.
The Knowledge is Deliberately there to Cover up the Dishonesty that each one exists as.
So what is Anxiety? Anxiety is the Knowledge that you are going to repeat the Pattern, So you look at everything and say ‘Oh fuck, it’s going to repeat’ = anxiety.

‘But I really want to Change it, But I already KNOW what’s going to Happen.’
‘So I already know how I’m going to experience myself’

But now, you’re dealing with Knowledge only. Therefore you’re trying to Stop the Anxiety, but the Anxiety is not the Cause. The Anxiety is the Result of the Pattern of Substantiality, the Authority you are Living Out, as Pattern.

Does that make sense? It is you knowing that you are going to repeat the same cycle. That is Anxiety, therefore, you now have No Power, No Authority, you can’t Stop it. So when you get to anxiety, you’re already into the Pattern, you have already Lost that Cycle, does that make sense? You are going to repeat it, you are not Standing Substantially, Here as Living breath – Stopping the Pattern.

The Pattern is already in outflow, you know it, therefore, it’s a Projection of ‘Knowledge’, you’re seeing what you’re doing already, you know that’s happening, you know you’re not going to stop it.

Therefore: anxiety, anguish – all of that opens up, and you now diminish, which in fact is you saying ‘I am not Equal-Authority to the Pattern which is now playing out.
And therefore, the Pattern I’ve given Authority to = is the Right Pattern.

Make Sense?
So – Now it ‘Repeats’.

This Authority, as Substance – this Absoluteness, is what Structural Resonance Alignment is about.
Which is the level where we are busy operating in the Corrective Nature of Existence – which is exactly the point the Dimensions are operating with.

What is the Authority of Substance? Why have we given our Existence as Thought, as Mind, ‘More Authority’ than our Existence as Matter?!

And as long as that exists, you cannot be Equal to Matter and therefore Matter will Substantiate you, that means – it will Control you and Lock you into the Pattern that you’ve accepted yourself to be. And therefore, Matter, in Fact will be your God.
And you’ll be fucked, the moment you Die and get Ejected, because: You’re not Equal to the Matter at hand. And you will end-up only again as the Substance you have given Authority to – which is Mind.

To be continued...

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Day 569: Authority and Consequence – Part 3

Continuing from previous blog: Day 568: Authority and Consequence – Part 2

That is the whole point of Structural Resonance Alignment, is to align yourself back to ‘who you really are’.
Within that, you have to understand, ‘How the fuck did you get here in the first place?’
And that is not understood, because, you’ve accepted yourself as ‘the way you are’ as apparently ‘all you can be’, ‘all you are’…

And you are living in a reality of Projection, which is ‘Consciousness’, where you are believing that you are ‘not what you are’ – which is ludicrous, ridiculous.
You cannot believe you’re Divine, if you are not so in-fact.
That is the whole point of the Authority Level at the Substance Level, where you have given Permission to yourself to be stuck as a Pattern.

And then you end up in a Mirror Projection of Divinity, where you are fucked for Eternity and you remain fucked for Eternity.
And there is really nothing you can do about it, because you have to Correct yourself at the Substantial Level, which is Matter. Because your Origin is Matter, your First Cause – is Matter.

You are coming from the Physical Universe, the Physical Universe is a Single Body, you’re a ‘Thought’ of the Universe.

Got me?

And within that, you have abdicated your Substantiality. You are thus in a Complete Separation, similar to a Single Thought. Which is why you can be Deleted as a Being, Through, even in your Body, through Chemical – you take a chemical and it will change your thoughts.

Your Physicality is Superior to your Beingness, your ‘Spirit’ – in Every Way.
Your Spirit is just Thoughts = Really, Really Unsubstantial, no Substance, just Patterns of yourself. And they are Primarily Deceptive, based in Fear, based in Limitation.
And now you’re in a Process of ‘being exposed’ as ‘who you are’. Then you are Trapped ‘in Matter’, so that you can understand the Matter that is at hand.

So therefore, in your Life, you will go and always ‘live in a Pattern’, a ‘Family Pattern’. A pattern which Confirms your Acceptances, as ‘Who you Are’ as a Pattern. And within that you’ll feel Comfortable. So anything that comes and challenges your Pattern = you will Attack, and you will Try and Destroy. Because you will believe that the Pattern you are is ‘Who you Really Are’, and that you have a Right to ‘Be this Pattern’ and ‘Nobody has a right to Question your Pattern’

And you will refuse to consider the Consequences of your Pattern, as it plays out in the Bigger Pattern that is the System of the World, of even the System of the Afterlife, the System of Heaven.
So everything which exists = is Relationships with System.
You are System, Existing as a System within yourself.

Within Thinking, within Behaviour, within Family, within Culture, within Language, within Education, within the World, within Money, within Social Order, within Religious Order.
Within all of it = it’s just One System of which you are a Small Part of a System that you’ve accepted yourself to be. The Big System can only exist because you are Creating it through your Participation. That is happening without you even realizing that you’re doing it.
Because have a look, you’re not Questioning the Money System – why? Because you’ve accepted the Money System to be ‘authoritative’. Without money you feel invaluable, without power, without anything. So receive money, and you are ‘all fine’. But you don’t question where the Money comes from, in fact, you don’t give a damn! ‘It Doesn’t Matter!’. ‘Money is just Money!’ Have a look, you have no idea what Money really is.

Nobody in this world can state the Exact Nature of Money, and exactly ‘Where it All is’, ‘How much was exactly ever created’, ‘how much of it is actually in circulation’.
Nothing is really known, cause nobody really cares. As long as there is ‘enough to do’, that which affects you within your life and within your pattern = you’re quite okay.

Makes sense?

To be continued…

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Day 568: Authority and Consequence – Part 2

Continuing from previous blog, Day 567: Authority and Consequence – Part 1:

Because, if you cannot say “till here no Further, I stop!” – and stop in One Breath, immediately = you still don’t have Authority. And therefore, your Forgiveness will only be temporary, and you will have to re-do it over and over and over gain: until you have generated Authority. Okay – make Sense? -

That's why, the whole Process is Day in and Day out: Repeating. Because, you are not yet Directing it 'as you', you are directing it still as Pattern, as the Authority which Accepted it a long time ago, not only this life.

That anguish, anxiety, uncertainty, ‘not feeling good enough’, ‘requiring support, ‘requiring assistance’; all of that is still not sorted out at the Level of Authority.
What are you establishing? What is your Primary Authority? That means, the Primary Pattern which you are living that you are ‘unable to change’.
Now you say, ‘Okay, How did I get myself to be this, in an Accepted Form, as if it can ‘never change, I have accepted this As Me’.
And every Human Being, every Being in Existence has got this Problem:  You have no Authority. You have Abdicated your Authority, to the Pattern that you have accepted yourself to be. You’re going to have to understand that that Authority, is the Substance you’ve accepted yourself to be. So if you only ‘communicate’ to the Pattern, you’ll only communicate to the Muscle (in relation to Muscle Testing), and it’ll take you through the Same Cycle. You’ll not communicate to the Substance.
And if you do not engage Effective Substance, Substantial Support – the Information transfer in assisting you to correct this ‘Substantiality’ of Yourself, this ‘Authority’ of yourself, to bring it Equal and One = it will not happen, it will cycle.
And you will have to re-do it and re-do it – until you get this Point of Authority, the Point that has been abdicated.

Who is the Creator? At the moment, the Creator is ‘Patterns’. You have Abdicated your Authority to ‘Patterns’, you are existing as ‘Patterns’..

That’s not who you Really Are. But you will say ‘this is who I am’. Because you Say so, and you have said it to such a degree, that the very Substance of the Universe has accepted your Statement as Truth = You’re fucked.

Now that’s one of the Reasons, or ‘One of the Parts’ that you are busy correcting through ‘Structural Resonance Alignment’.
You have to align yourself back to the ‘Authority’ that is Yourself, that is not subject to any Form, which is any Limitation, cause all ‘Form’ is Limitation.

It doesn’t mean you can’t express Form, it means you mustn’t live the Form as if it is ‘the Only way you exist’. The Form must not be Dominant, ‘Authority’, which is what is that’s happened to everyone. Your Form, your Thoughts, your Mind, your Structure, your Belief of Yourself. All of that is Dominant, that’s what has become ‘Creator’.
Now it becomes System. That System lives out your Accepted Belief and Form and Authority about Yourself, and therefore you can’t Change it.

To be continued…

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Day 567: Authority and Consequence – Part 1

Okay – So: (following a question on ‘Timeline-Pattern’)
Timeline-Pattern, meaning that I have accepted and allowed myself as this Pattern – my Physical Body has accepted this Pattern as ‘normal’ – is re-creating this Pattern ‘in ‘Anticipation’ ‘as my request’.”

Patterns are layered and they work by Permissions. These Permissions get Embodied as Resonances – and when your Resonance is a “Primary-Permission” – that means: You Have both confirmed-it as a ‘Permission’ before this life, and in this life.

Simply trying to Stop-it from the perspective of disengaging it = will not work. Because your ‘Permission’ is Resonantly superior. It carries more authority than just you, as the Mind, attempting to disengage the Pattern.

The Pattern is Permitted by you, as the totality of you. And, accordingly - when you are Doing...adjustment’ within yourself, and you’re not speaking as the total Authority as Yourself’ = it will not disengage.
Does that make sense?

Which is how Resonances work. A Resonance is operational at the level of, and according to, the Authority that is involved in the point of Creation.

So – if you have, over a multiple lives, given ‘Permission’ for a particular Pattern of Authority = the ‘Resonant-Self’’, the Substance that is Self, will accept that, that Pattern of Permission is Authority - and it will accordingly give that – the Overriding-Factor – no-matter how much you try and change it.

Unless you stand in Equal Authority - to how you created it in the first place.

So, the point of ‘Equality’ or ‘Equal Authority’ must be understood when you are working with your Resonant Self, and the patterns that are Here, being currently expressed. Because the pattern of ‘Who you Are’ as “your name” – and Who you are Existing as = are all of your Patterns, for all-time that are currently in one physical body. Then, stretch that out over multiple lives, multiple bodies – under a Primary Authority = which is Yourself.

And that Authority overrides EVERYTHING.
Unless you get to an Equal point to both Mind, Physical and Resonance as Authority – Directively – the point won’t change. It will just cycle into another lever, another timeline, another time-cycle.
Which is also okay, because then you disengage it time after time, after time, after time – until you’ve got all of its layers.

But in that, you have to understand that you must regain, you must reconstitute your Authority: you, Equal and One – Here – as Life as Authority. You have abdicated that Authority, that Authority is the point that is the problem.
Does that make sense?

So when you say: “The Pattern is a Timeline-Pattern.”, It is not only a Timeline-Pattern. It plays out within a Timeline as a Pattern. And yes, you have accepted and allowed yourself as this Pattern. And your Physical Body has accepted this.

But that is not all. You as Substance have accepted this. I mean, you as Substance as the Living Self has accepted this Authority as this Pattern – as you. That is what you have to change: the Substantial Self, the ‘Eternal Self’.

Does That make sense?

So, it is not ‘re-creating this Pattern in anticipation as my request’ – it is ‘Re-creating it as you’. (Referring to a sentence in a document).

It is not an ‘anticipation’. It’s the Actuality of You that is Here. This ‘Who you Are’. That’s why you can’t change yourself.

That’s why you are ‘working’ now with changing yourself; but have a look at what overrides? YOU override what you are busy changing, all the time!

Therefore, the condition remains the same. You disengage and disengage: but the next morning = it’s the same. Because the ‘You’ that is attempting to change, is not Equal to the Authority that established the Pattern in the first place.

Does that make sense? Are you getting my drift?

So therefore, you have to consider ‘Establishing your Authority’ first. Do you really actually kow what is best for you? Or do you need the experience to generate sufficient Authority to say ‘till here no further!’?

Because, if you cannot say “till here no Further, I stop!” – and stop in One Breath, immediately = you still don’t have Authority.

And therefore, your Forgiveness will only be temporary, and you will have to re-do it over and over and over gain: until you have generated Authority.

Okay – make Sense?

To be continued....

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Day 565: Walking through Multi-Dimensional Mind Reality

Continuing from: Day 564: Real Death Experience
In Heaven you have to present what Heaven wants you to present – Self-Honesty is irrelevant. So Demons in essence were the real Self-Honest existence of a being where they have, where they were no longer denying their experience on Earth. They were absolutely pissed off with God and have in many cases taken an oath to harm anything that is related to God and to destroy God’s creation. I mean, imagine, I have this Demon in a body here on Earth and it’s telling me that it’s here to destroy God and it will destroy God and explain how it’s harmed from children to adults to innocents, how they have harmed them throughout the ages – to get back at God, for what God did to them.

So you listen, if you have any judgment about those, there is no way you can get to work with a Demon because the Demon will get you and then eventually possess you. So if you have any fear, if you have any judgment, if there is any point of right or wrong – you have to really stand in every dimension of their existence and there are infinite dimensions. There may not be one hidden point within you, not one judgment about another person within you, one nasty thought about another within you. Nothing!

If there is any point that in any way exist whatsoever – the Demon will get you.

So, chat to the Demons and then lead them, assist them to see how they’ve created themselves. Then show them the futility of the exercise of judgment, the futility of walking through these points where you have vengeful or hateful or nasty or contentious thoughts, where you judge others for your experience, where you hate God – show them all the points of the outcome of it. Because everything is relationships and mathematical bound, one can show infinite amount of play outs in quantum time – all in real quantum mechanics, proficiency, that show one the actuality of the outflow all possible interaction that can take place, all participants that can possibly take place. You can take everything within the context of space/time and the particular containment of the being. Everything is contained because it’s related. Because it’s related you can insert any new relationship and show the outflows of it. And obviously dealing in Quantum time, that is now in the realm beyond this one, it is really easy to show how all of these things work. And one can take a being through all of that, which is what we then did. Until the point where all possible excuses, answers, reasons, meanings was taken care of and the being would stop and say, ‘Okay, I see. I see there is no point to me being angry, it is time that I let go and forgive and let’s start again’.

The whole point was that I was showing everyone is that, if we all as one, together, stop what we are creating – we can create a New World. And all we have to do is stop our insistence on an outflow of revenge or consequence to justify our suffering. So if we forgive and we forgive ourselves for desiring revenge or desiring to have payback – of we stop all of that, all as one as equal, we in fact stop all of our creation, and we can in fact start again.

Obviously at that stage with the Demons being in a quantum reality it was much easier than it is here on Earth, where you have each Human contained in their own multi-dimensional mind reality where they are in infinite loops of self justification and revenge and desire and energy and want and need. Imagine the whole human experience is equal to the experience of a universe in function within the context of energetic polarity.

So what will happen then is that the Demon, me and the Demon together, will start to do Forgiveness aloud. The principle was that one must speak Forgiveness aloud because within that context you can hear where your relationship with the Forgiveness is not clear. That means when you are speaking the words and the construct of the sentences, then you can hear where it is not in fact specific enough and actually dealing with the issue and sorting the issue out – taking it into a directive point where you can clearly say, ‘I Am Free of this Possession’. So, the Forgiveness had to be extremely specific which we then did until the point where the being was completely released from their self-induced possession and they were reborn, right there, new being. And then we had fantastic discussions and then they would leave and the next Demon would come. So, every time possible, we would take on Demons to help as many as possible with the understanding that inevitably we will find a way to do it quicker - just like inevitably we will find a way to do things quicker on Earth. We’re busy with that here, it’s a different construct. It’s a different set of relationships, it’s a different mathematical outplay. But for any existence to be, there are relationships. And therefore the context of the relationship you can actually accelerate it. Which is what we’re doing with the inversion of all energetic relationships into Self-Possession – Demonising the Self completely, by Self so that you can see what it is you are doing to yourself. And isolation of each being on Earth into absolute aloneness, loneliness, absolute control, where nobody else can know for a fact everything that is going on in your Mind. Yet, everyone can know it if they are everything and therefore you can stand one and equal here, if you truly are one and equal or you can’t. Because you are not yet in all dimensions of this reality. Because in the mind is a clone of all dimensions. And all is at a different timeframe within the context of these dimensions, moving through it and where you can either be clearly directive principle of your possession or you are subject to the forces of energy that take over and manipulate you into a physical regrettable experience which is not recommended.

So – real fun with the Demons we had and we will continue with more stories of the variations of Demons we got and how we played with it, what we learnt.